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Homerecording since 2002 inspired by artists such as Ash, Weezer, Bright Eyes, LCD Soundsystem, Soulwax, Blithe Field, Foxes in Fiction and many more - please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud or Youtube

The United States

Latest album released on bandcamp. Check it out ^^

All video clips were shot on my summer vacation in the United States. We started in Rochester, NY and took a small road trip along the east coast (Maine, Boston, NYC, Washington DC).

The video was edited with iMovie, 8mm and ReelDirector

The song is taken from my EP ‘A little rabbit’s life’ and you can stream/download it here:

Thanks for sharing :)

In 2005 I recorded my first lp ‘2001: A teenage odyssey’. I used a TASCAM 4-track recorder and Garageband. The music was mainly influenced by ‘Songs from the black hole’ by Weezer.

Some weeks ago I listened to my old tracks again and thought it would be fun to play them again. 

Some impressions of my last holiday in New York City recorded with an iPhone 4S. The song was recorded with a microKorg and Garageband. You can download it in complete here: